Angels and Superheroes Reader Survey

Angels and Superheroes Reader Survey

Friends, Angels, and Superheroes, we are very thankful for your readership. For more than a year, and over 60 posts, we have provided research, personal stories, insights, and perspective on a broad range of educational topics. Some of you have patiently tolerated our musings, while others have eagerly read articles and passed them on to your friends. In one case, you have passed an article on to some 360,000+ other readers!

We are inspired by each of you. Krista once said that it was ridiculous for one of us to be named “Educator of the Year” because none of us are angels or superheroes. Instead, we are all hard-working, passionate individuals. Many of us spend our extra time and spare cash improving our school and the lives of those who enter it. It takes all of us.

So we want to hear from you. Please take 5 minutes (or less, depending on the length of comments you choose to make) to answer the questions at the link below. This will help us make Angels and Superheroes even better. Next week we return with a look at how to make conversations more productive in every setting, discussing the work of our friend Craig Weber, author of Conversational Capacity.

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Jack and Krista

1 thought on “Angels and Superheroes Reader Survey

  1. I would love to see a piece that would address what creates deep thinking in students today. As a retired teacher ,now doing substitute work , I notice that students are fast to comment on questions and not allowing time for deep thought. It is as though they are competing as to who can answer first. This post could suggest the importance of taking a pause before speaking as well as ways to acquire this most important skill. Are there books on the subject?

    Also, it would be helpful for people to have a space on the blog where they could ask for helpful suggestions on things that are troubling them.

    And, just a special thanks for the hard and incredible work you both are doing.

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